About this site

This NCCA-administered website mainly contains jpeg, pdf and MSO (Word, Powerpoint) files also found in the 3,500 sets of the NBCP : Illustrated data CD. It does not contain the Autocad or Sketchup files found in the data CD which may be found in/ downloaded from the AAIF Dropbox site at ____.

NBCP : Illustrated Project

The National Building Code of the Philippines (NBCP) : Illustrated Project was a joint 2013 through 2016 undertaking of the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) of the Philippine Government and the private sector NGO called the Architecture Advocacy International Foundation (AAIF), Inc. The graphic interpretations supplied by the AAIF were later subjected to review by the Philippine Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), the prime implementer and enforcer of the NBCP and its implementing rules and regulations (IRR), with the actual technical review conducted by the DPWH National Building Code Development Office (NBCDO).

In June 2016, the DPWH (through the Office of the Secretary) issued a Memorandum Circular (MC) to all LGU building officials (BOs) and/or municipal/ city engineers (MCEs) nationwide anent the use of the contents of the NBCP : Illustrated reproducible data compact disc (CD) as a general technical reference (i.e. a guide) in the graphical interpretation of the 2004 Revised IRR of the NBCP.

The main public outputs of the combined efforts of the NCCA, AAIF and DPWH were 3,500 data CDs and 2 NBCP : Illustrated websites (1 each for the NCCA and the DPWH). About 2,000 of the data CDs were disseminated to DPWH field offices, including about 1,500 LGU offices of building officials (OBOs) nationwide, with the rest distributed by the NCCA and AAIF to both private and public recipients. Being reproducible, all 3,500 copies can be copied and recopied to reach the maximum number of potential users.

Due to the huge generated interest in and following of the NBCP : Illustrated Project (aided no less by an AAIF Facebook page called National Building Code of the Philippines – NBCP at link, a separate Dropbox download site for the full 700 mb content of the NBCP : Illustrated Project data CD was subsequently created by the AAIF as a perennial (and updatable) online source. Other modes of online distribution are also being studied as supplementary free dissemination modes.

While no copyright applies to the use/ reuse of the AAIF graphic interpretations, the public and the users (especially the designers) are advised that the NCCA, AAIF and DPWH assume no professional responsibility nor any form of civil liability whatsoever for the use of the NBCP : Illustrated information on the building plans, designs and construction/ development efforts as the same responsibility and liability lie fully with the concerned designers (whether architects or engineers), in full accordance with the applicable professional regulatory law (PRL) and R.A. No. 386, the 1949 Civil Code of the Philippines and related statutes.